Twenty four hours of Happiness


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I sincerely believe that this is one of the simplest and most successful Case study for Marketers to learn from. The end goal of any product is to provide happiness to the consumer, directly or indirectly & this one Captures happiness so perfectly.

The Animal Portrait by Skype


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Wow! what a brilliant combination of Testimonial style of ads and a professionally shot commercial. It is not indeed as simple as it looks. the ad plays big on emotional quotient & certainly lives upto it.

All About Me


My name is Abhishek Singh and i am bananas about digital, Literally. In 2010, while sitting on my office chair, doing the regular stuff that i had been doing for some years, i realised that i had to do something more. So i took an initiative to drive some innovative digital campaigns for my Brand “HAPPYDENT”. Soon, that campaigns i worked upon got recognized not only within the organisation but also by External online Fraternity and i ended up leading digital Marketing initiatives for all brands of my organisation and that’s it. One initiative led to the other. Soon, i stumbled upon the challenge of “How to develop innovative campaigns regularly”. The answer was access and exposure to the best innovative campaigns worldwide”. So i started compiling all the good campaigns that i came across on this blog. Each and every creative that you see here has been chosen by me and posted because i liked it. I hope, you also find this blog as useful as i do.

I also believe, one must be a learner. One must challenge himself/herself to try out new things in life. Stuff which you have never attempted before. The feeling to achieve something like that is amazing and these days, i am trying my hand at Photography.


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