Khwaabo ki Chaah


A few lines written by me. Hope you like it….

Adhoora tha Khwaad ek Mera

Kuch Kar Dikhaney ka

Magar yeh Khwaab toh tha sirf ek Zariya

Loh useey bhi bharkar thi

Pata tha Zarrey Zarrey ko

Raasta aasaan nahin hai

Magar Junoon bhi kuch kam nahin tha

Bas nikal pada us Khwaab ki khooj main

Gir pada shuruat main hi

Aur Achanak chaa gaya ek Andhera sa

Socha, gir kar uthney main he toh hai maza

Aakhir Khwaab bhi toh hai bada

Kuch kadam they aise joh chadh na paya

Dil ke baat maani toh raasta ek aur nikal aaya

Bas kuch hi dooor chala toh ahsaas hua

Main hoon nahin akela jiska hai khwaab

Jaise Jaise Khwaab ne shuru kiya aakaar lena

Chaa gaye Kaley badal

khwaab tha jinka

mere khwaabo to kuchal dena

Magar ab tak toh aadat ho gayi thi

Ki yeh tha is khel ka ek pehlu

Phir khud ko yaad dilaya

Khwaab hai bada, toh raasta kaise hoga asaan

Manzil abhi baaki hai

Magar vishvaas ussey bahut zyaada

Khwaab toh hoga poora

Aaj nahin toh kal.

This one is a Game Changer


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Brilliant! This seems to be a well planned effort by Samsung to position Galaxy as a futuristic & advanced brand. Kudos to the Marketing team as well as the Agency. This could be a game changer in Content Marketing and will definitely set an example for others to take up even bigger content development challenges.

Coincidentally , the concept seems quite similar to Nike’s content. Watch this Link

The rules have changed. PERIOD!


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The rules which apply to traditional Content marketing do not work for new age digital content marketing. Most of us agree to this simple statement but ironically, most of us do not follow it. The reasons are not that simple. Most marketers set their goals right but then start treating their approach exactly the same way as they would to traditional content marketing. One of the reason is they do not understand the new medium. Not their fault- It is complicated.

The first challenge is that within digital ecosystem, there are so many different platforms- facebook, Twitter, Instagram (well, I don’t need to list them down). Each of them behave differently and uniquely and therefore I refer to each one of them as a separate independent medium within digital ecosystem. A piece of content apt to reach out to a community of Facebook users may not be apt for another platform. This logic leads to a very important question: How can one solution fit all?

It’s a simple answer from a marketer’s perspective: A central thought around the brand should be the binding element and all other mediums just drive the central Thought. Fundamentally & logically, this approach is perfect.

Now, the Agency comes into picture and they follow this brief and do as they have been told. Let me take a hypothetical example to explain this. A brand decides to create a 3 dimensional on-ground art masterpiece made out of multiple objects which is a perfect fit with brand values & brand brief etc. Now what an Agency would usually do is:

  1. For Youtube: Create a Video of the art piece getting made
  2. For Facebook: Shoot a few Picture to be shared on Facebook
  3. For Twitter: Tweet a few updates while the art piece is getting made
  4. For Instagram: Post a few picture
  5. For Blog: Write story about the artists who were super excited about the project and did not sleep for nights to work on this project.
  6. For Vine: Create a 6 sec video of the artpiece.
  7. Whatsapp: Share the same content on Whatsapp and expect that content to get viraled on its own.

So Client’s criteria is met and client is happy. Agency did its job fantastically because the art piece is awesome. Agency get’s a nice AV made which can be showcased in various award functions. So that Agency is also Happy.

Unfortunately, Agency forget to adapt this central thought keeping in mind behaviour of various digital platforms. They Agency failed to take into consideration the basic premise on which that particular platform is developed. For instance,

  • Facebook works on fundamental of sharing content. Now the question is why would Facebook audience share photographs or video of this artpiece. I know your assumption is that this art piece is so kick ass that everybody would love it and then eventually share it. What most of us would miss out is that this piece of art might look fantastic & grand on ground but might not look so on your desktop or on your phone handset. That’s because there are millions of similar looking pieces of art around the world doing rounds on Facebook. So, the challenge is to develop not only a piece of art but a piece of art that can be shared on facebook
  • Vine works on the fundamental of 6 sec videos which are looped and when watched, it looks one video and one cannot figure out where the video starts and where it stops. It is a pure expression of creativity and art. Now if Agency creates just any video for 6 secs, it will definitely die even before it takes birth on Vine.
  • Youtube works on fundamental of storytelling and unless there is a strong story with drama and highs and lows, its unlikely that just posting a video of making of the artpiece will make any dent in the sea of Youtube videos.

This kind of approach is a very internal perspective led Campaign and does not take into consideration audience’s point of view. Unless the agencies as well as Clients understand this dynamism & complexity of various online mediums, they are unlikely to do justice to Create content, i.e if they are able to create great content at first place!


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